About Us


The place I call home is the vast wilderness of northern Saskatchewan with its countless lakes, rocky shores and (mostly) blue skies. When the longing for adventure calls, Canada’s Far North draws me with its wide open spaces.I have travelled by dog team along Hudson Bay’s unforgiving coast, ventured across Great Slave Lake  and paddled thousands of miles through the Arctic tundra.

Sometimes though it’s our own backyard where we experience the greatest adventures. My favourite camping trip: a two-day canoe trip with sixteen dogs trying to sneak a spot on my sleeping bag! Life with dogs never gets boring and they have been my greatest inspiration in my career as a freelance writer/photographer and visual artist.


Making a living doing what I love the most has always been my dream. With our company Paws’n’Paddles Wilderness Tours (pawandpaddles.com) we did exactly that for over ten years: Spending our days dog sledding across frozen lakes or paddling over clear blue waters.  And what do we do on our holidays? More dog sledding and canoeing of course.

One can spend a lifetime exploring Canada’s vast north and there’s still more to see!

Soggy doggies on the way to their island home.