After the loss of our cabin and dog sled trails in the 2015 wildfires we have decided to focus on rebuilding our wilderness retreat and spend more time with our dogs on our own adventures. We won’t be offering tours any more – at least not by dog team. If you would like to go on an adventure from your armchair we have good news for you: Miriam’s first novel Yellow Dog (Red Deer Press) has just been released and a second one is in the making as we speak. Indulge yourself with the second best thing to being out on the trail and order your copy from your local bookstore today.






Our website doesn’t exist anymore, but we are still there.  After just over ten years of sharing our wilderness adventures with guests from all over the world we decided it’s time to take some time for us. So we are taking a break.

We are looking forward to rebuild our cabin in 2016 and then see where that will take us from there.

Please don’t use the comment box (too much spam to look through). If you would like to get hold of Quincy or Miriam you can find our contact on Miriam’s blog:

Thank you to all the fabulous guests we met over the years, especially those, who became friends. Of course we still have dogs and canoes, and we still love to share our adventures with you. You know where to find us!

Life is an Adventure

Author: miriam

Adventures won’t happen if you don’t go out and live it!

So that’s where you find us most of the time – somewhere out in the vast wilderness of Northern Saskatchewan, the NWT and Nunavut.  Our adventures are countless, some happened right in our back yard, some hundreds of miles away from civilization.


“You should write a book”, our friends say. But if we would sit down and write a book, we wouldn’t have time for more adventures. (Besides: Quincy can’t spell.)


So here’s the compromise: We’ll upload a few of our most memorable dog sledding and canoeing adventures. If you want to know what it’s like along the unforgiving coast of Hudson Bay in a raging blizzard or what it is like canoeing into a herd of thousands of caribou, check out the following pages.




Miriam and Quincy